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Hi, I'm so grateful you are here. Whether you found this site searching to end your battle with endless dieting, silence the body shaming, release food anxiety, or to have the body confidence to step into your dream life – whatever brought you here, I want you to know I have compassion for what you are feeling. Because I’ve been there – and I am living proof that things can change for you, for the better - rather quickly! And that’s why I truly believe what you are about to discover could be the most beneficial information you will ever find on how to do it. It is my honor to share this with you. So if you’re ready, let’s begin!

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“Sarah Anne is truly changing the conversation of weight loss and the way women lose weight. She understands that sustainable health habits come from a place of self-love and  that often one’s greatest challenge is not what they eat or how they exercise but how they view themselves and their current mindset.”
Dr. Robin Berzin
Dr. Robin Berzin Founder , Parsley Health
“I've interviewed hundreds of bestselling authors, Fortune 500 executives, and success entrepreneurs... people who are at the cutting edge of their industries... and Sarah is right up there with people who are subject matter experts in what they do. She's a superstar in the holistic health world.”
Jared Kleinert
Jared Kleinert Author & Entrepreneur , USA Today's Most Connected Millennial
“Sarah is a superstar! As part of our team of trusted holistic health and wellness experts, she embraces the lifestyle and what we stand for. She is highly professional and contributes her expert knowledge during culinary presentations, press events, panels, and meditation classes, while also providing the community with great recipes and inspiring content for our magazine. We love partnering with her – she has become our go-to for mindfulness and holistic health advice.”
Constantin Bisanz
Constantin Bisanz Founder , ALOHA
“Sarah Anne is a wonderful mentor! It makes me incredibly proud to witness her commitment to bring wellness into the lives of others. The world needs more individuals like her if we want to create an aura of wellbeing around us. I highly recommend her coaching and her course for a healthy, slimmer you!”
Chandresh Bhardwaj
Chandresh Bhardwaj Founder , Break the Norms
“Sarah is truly a marvelous soul. She is smart, driven and encouraging. She understands what it means to have authentic work and live a beautiful life surrounded by others that share the same ideal. Her coaching, writing and experiences that she creates come straight from the heart. I am so grateful to be given the experience to work with her.”
Cait Fraser
Cait Fraser Founder , Wild Wellness Travel
“If you are looking for a solution to your eating disorder, Sarah is it! I can guarantee working with her will change your life. After becoming a professional bikini model, weight and body image issues dictated my life. Using the tools Sarah gave me, I went from hating my body, disordered eating, and struggling with my weight to an ultimate freedom I never felt before. I continue to use Sarah’s techniques on a daily basis and today I live a beautiful, guilt-free life. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your knowledge with me and the rest of the world.”
Holly Goodwin
Holly Goodwin Founder , Blue Jay Fitness
“Sarah’s teachings gave me the courage to really look inside and understand it’s not just about losing the last 10 pounds, but putting your life in full balance, so your body and mind react in the most extraordinary ways. Feeling and seeing this change leaves you open for more. Sarah’s more than a coach, she’s like a very wise, dear friend who guides you in a way that is best for you, and she does know what’s best for you! In just one year, I have a healthy body and mind, and a stress free life. I left my corporate job to lead my most authentic life after getting back in touch with the version of me that I’m most comfortable with. I have an entirely different kind of confidence and completely understand my possibilities are limitless. Thank you, Sarah, for bringing me to this point.  ”
Danielle Ettl
Danielle Ettl NYC , Concierge
“Sarah is humble and generous, and truly cares about elevating the well-being and joy of each one of our guests. Sarah offers simple holistic lifestyle practices that are realistic for everyone. Using meditation and positive affirmations, she offers actionable steps for rapid change in their lives. Her down-to-earth, genuine nature is calming and you can’t help but feel at home around her.”
Diana Paschal
Diana Paschal Yoga Instructor & Founder , AwakenAwe
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