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  • “Sarah is such a vibrant and engaging coach, and I respect and appreciate her holistic approach to sustainable and healthy weight loss. Her passion for holistic well-being is evident in her admirable work ethic and positive energy that she brings with her everywhere she goes. Sarah does an excellent job at providing her clients with the tools needed to secure a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. Sarah’s breadth of knowledge and insight is truly inspiring, and she is someone I am proud to know.”
    Max Lugavere
    Max Lugavere Cognitive Health Expert
  • “Sarah Anne is truly changing the conversation of weight loss and the way women lose weight. She understands that sustainable health habits come from a place of self-love and  that often one’s greatest challenge is not what they eat or how they exercise but how they view themselves and their current mindset.”
    Dr. Robin Berzin
    Dr. Robin Berzin Founder, Parsley Health
  • “I've interviewed hundreds of bestselling authors, Fortune 500 executives, and success entrepreneurs... people who are at the cutting edge of their industries... and Sarah is right up there with people who are subject matter experts in what they do. She's a superstar in the holistic health world.”
    Jared Kleinert
    Jared Kleinert Author & Entrepreneur, USA Today's Most Connected Millennial
  • “Sarah is a superstar! As part of our team of trusted holistic health and wellness experts, she embraces the lifestyle and what we stand for. She is highly professional and contributes her expert knowledge during culinary presentations, press events, panels, and meditation classes, while also providing the community with great recipes and inspiring content for our magazine. We love partnering with her – she has become our go-to for mindfulness and holistic health advice.”
    Constantin Bisanz
    Constantin Bisanz Founder, ALOHA
  • “Sarah Anne is a wonderful mentor! It makes me incredibly proud to witness her commitment to bring wellness into the lives of others. The world needs more individuals like her if we want to create an aura of wellbeing around us. I highly recommend her coaching and her course for a healthy, slimmer you!”
    Chandresh Bhardwaj
    Chandresh Bhardwaj Founder, Break the Norms
  • “ Choosing to lose weight is not an isolated decision, and if anyone understands all that's involved - and can inspire you to become the best version of yourself - it's Sarah Anne Stewart and her Holistically Slim program. Her kindness, sweetness, supportive nature and holistic tools will get you and your body exactly where you want to be - and make the process feel fun and part of a larger plan to live the life you've always dreamed of living. ”
    Dina Kaplan
    Dina Kaplan Founder, The Path
  • “Sarah Anne is a powerhouse! She truly has a gift that empowers others to become healthier, happier individuals. It has been a pleasure working and learning from her on how to improve our most favorite dishes and create healthier versions of them! Business is thriving from this new menu and I am loving partnering with her for events and wellness experiences.”
    Chef Charles
    Chef Charles NYC, Celebrity Chef
  • “ It has been such a pleasure to partner with Sarah and share her mission to help women feel fully expressed in their bodies. Sarah has a unique gift of helping women discover and honor our deepest underlying feelings of unworthiness that hinder our ability to truly love themselves. She is unstoppably debunking the world of dieting and replacing these 'teachings' with the absolute need to understand our present moment emotions to best support our health and happiness. ”
    Alaina Gurwitz
    Alaina Gurwitz Founder, ADHARA 
  • “Sarah is one of my favorite people!  Man, she gets results!  I'm so honored to not only consider her a friend, but also a collegaue in consciousness.  Her complete dedication to her tribe, vision, and purpose is something that's hard to find these days. When you work with Sarah, you become apart of her family.  So glad to be apart of her movement!”
    Alex Kip
    Alex Kip Founder, Soul Feed
  • “Sarah is truly a marvelous soul. She is smart, driven and encouraging. She understands what it means to have authentic work and live a beautiful life surrounded by others that share the same ideal. Her coaching, writing and experiences that she creates come straight from the heart. I am so grateful to be given the experience to work with her.”
    Cait Fraser
    Cait Fraser Founder, Wild Wellness Travel
  • “From writing, social media-ing, event planning, building partnerships, and leading sold-out retreats every year (not to mention teaching and coaching an enviable roster of clients), Sarah has quickly become a powerhouse in the nutrition, wellness, and yoga community. I knew that if I wanted to build my business as fast and as successful I would have to learn from her first hand. By using the tools I learned from her, I was able to build my weekly outdoor yoga class from our humble seven students to over 70 in less than a month. If you are looking to build your business or become a better coach, working with her should be #1 on your To-Do list!”
    Jason Ostrander
    Jason Ostrander Founder, Big Space NYC
  • “Meditate Slim is a transformative program for those who are looking to heal their relationship with not only food, but also their body, exercise, and how they perceive themselves. Through this program I have learned how meditation can truly propel you into mindset and lifestyle you desire. I am happy to say that as a body freedom coach, I highly recommend Sarah's program to those who are looking to look deep within themselves for their own answers, lifestyle, and the change in mindset they've been looking for all along.”
    Caitlin Croteau
    Caitlin Croteau Founder, Finding Body Freedom
  • “Sarah is a wonderful person to work with because of her positive attitude and beautiful spirit. When we meet, I always learn something new and feel inspired to live my best life. Her knowledge of holistic health is remarkable! I encourage anyone seeking a brighter glow to welcome this wellness guru into their lives.”
    Ashley Rose Howard
    Ashley Rose Howard Founder, Universe Hear Me
  • “Sarah has an infectious energy and attitude. She is kind, gracious, humble, and funny. Most importantly, she is genuine and authentic. She is knowledgeable and passionate about yoga, health and wellness, and changing your lifestyle for the pursuit of a happy, healthy life. I cannot say enough great things about her and her programs. ”
    Nermin Jasani
    Nermin Jasani NYC
  • “Sarah Anne’s talent and thought leadership had a huge impact on the success of our wellness programming. We were fortunate enough to have her involved not only as a deeply intelligent and insightful speaker, but also as the creative force behind our Rehab Brunch – a herculean undertaking involving music, speakers, hands-on activations, and an impressive sampling of food and beverages. Sarah Anne curated the program, coordinated the experience flow, and hosted the event itself, making every step of it look easy while providing an incredible experience to participants and guests alike. I was beyond lucky to have her on our team, and truly can't wait to work with her again (and again, and again...).”
    Sarah Reistad-Long
    Sarah Reistad-Long Founder, The Wellness Agency
  • “Sarah was one of my inspirations for leaving my corporate job and pursuing my passion full-time for teaching yoga and helping others become the best versions of themselves. I met Sarah on her Puerto Rico retreat last year during a very difficult time in my life and the experience was life-changing. I've since had the opportunity to work with her professionally, and it has been a breath of fresh air working with someone so organized, calm, and clear on her vision and voice in this world. Sarah is one of the most beautiful souls both inside and out and truly lives life guided by her heart. I look forward to working together again in the future!”
    Taylor Pangman
    Taylor Pangman Founder, The Tribe Life
  • “Working with her was a seamless experience, as she was a pleasure to collaborate with and a savvy business woman! She helped give me the confidence I so deeply needed to launch my own business and it was no coincidence that immediately after, I found myself being approached by a handful of amazing personal chef clients!”
    Tiana Kraus
    Tiana Kraus Founder, Three Leaves Foods
  • “Sarah is a Sacred Space NY’s expert wellness practitioner and she’s so lovely! We are so grateful to have her nutritional knowledge at our sanctuary. She truly embodies modern health and beauty at its best.”
    Shelley Lewis
    Shelley Lewis Founder, Sacred Space NY
  • “Sarah is revolutionizing health and wellness by living it on a daily basis. It is easy to be ‘healthy’ and trendy but finding someone who embodies this lifestyle to the fullest and radiates glowing energy from the inside out is rare. Seeing her sparkle and feeling her energy during her workshops is transformative.”
    Olivia Palma
    Olivia Palma Marketing Director, Turmeric Elixir of Life
  • “Sarah is taking the modern health and wellness movement to the next level. A talented teacher in her niche of holistic health, she creates wellness experiences that are so thoughtful and special. From the gorgeous environment to the food to the guided meditation, every choice is loving and beautiful. She is expanding on an exponential level simply because of her infectious energy.”
    Jess Rothschild
    Jess Rothschild Founder, Cake to Kale
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