My gift to you is filled with powerful, proven tips and tools that will help you get up, dust yourself off, reconnect to your vision and get going with a clear peaceful mind.

Product Description

I love you, and therefore I want to help you. I want to help you stop feeling lost, confused, and anxious.  

So, I have created the ‘Empower Pack’ filled with proven tips and tools that will help you get up, dust yourself off, reconnect to your vision, and get you going with a clear peaceful mind. 

My gift to you is jam-packed with knowledge and resources that will immediately support you in creating a healthier, happier body and mind – and a life deserve.

The ‘Holistically Slim Empower Pack’ includes:

A New Morning Approach Guided Meditation to quiet the noise of worry, let go of the need to control and settle into a feeling that will empower you in making easy, stress-free decisions throughout the day for your body and overall well-being

The Holistically Slim Emotional Food Worksheet will teach you how to accurately identify your feelings when they arise and gain clarity so there will be little or no room left to worry and you can finally be at peace around food!

50 Elevate Affirmations will support you in shifting from reacting emotionally to food and your body to the art of mindfully bringing yourself back into positive alignment

The Holistically Slim Path to Certainty Guide will get you out of the disorganized, scattered and afraid feeling of “What to do next to what you need next?” to clearly identifying what to do right now that will greatest impact on your overall health and well-being 

To taking care of yourself first and foremost – and all my love.

XO,Sarah Anne Stewart

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