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Imagine having a personal retreat to serve as a ‘blank canvas’ on which you can create a new, healthy, and powerful you.

Now you can.

I want to personally invite you to the opportunity to do just this: To step off-the-grid. To suspend ordinary activities. To forget about your work, your worries, your to-do list. To disconnect from everything.

If you have been searching for that ‘one’ opportunity to make a dramatic difference in the way you think, look and feel, then this might be the most important trip you could ever discover.

By joining our retreat team for a relaxing soul-centered vacation, you will be fully immersed in a wellness experience centered around creating a lifestyle that will support a healthy body and mind from the inside out.

Through delicious gourmet cuisine, personal coaching sessions, sunsets on the beaches, daily yoga, meditation, spa experiences and workshops activities and excursions you will gain the ability to rethink what is possible in just a couple days.

You will transform your well-being, immerse yourself in knowledge, share memories with myself and the team, and experience a huge shift in your life. 

Where You Will Go + What You Will Do

During the retreat, we will explore in-depth the challenges and frustrations that have prevented you from living in your current body and deep-dive into your long-term goals for your overall well-being.

We will discuss any and all things holding you back such as: Why am I struggling to lose weight? Why am I constantly overeating? Why am I feeling out of control over my body? How do I heal my deeply ingrained body-anxiety patterns? How do I overcome feeling insecure in my body?

The retreat is your time to be heard – and a time to discuss how you will overcome these obstacles throughout our time together and ensure lasting success.

Over two days we will develop a deep connection through four private coaching sessions, private yoga, guided meditation, spa experiences, energy cleansing rituals, journaling, and clean eating. Each experience during the retreat will offer a sacred space to heal the subconscious patterns that are keeping you from becoming the best version of you.

You will leave with a personalized program and two follow-up sessions to ensure you have achieved healing integration. I will be there every step of the way, providing unconditional love and support to ensure you have the tools you need to flourish.

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What You Will Learn + Discover
  • Find, keep, and foster internal trust, self-love, and body freedom
  • Discover how even during the most chaotic, difficult, anxiety-driven moments, you will be able to tap into the beauty, wisdom, and serenity of your inner mind
  • Move through body and food anxiety with ease and fluidity and silence any internal voices that may prevent you from finding comfort
  • Positively shift your inner-voice through compassion, techniques based research
  • Cure inflammation, fatigue, other health concerns, and lose weight from the inside out through a personalized nutritional program and customized dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Discover your unique movement that will not only improve your body but also the healthfulness of your mindset and overall quality of life
  • Create a beautiful environment that supports holistic healing and a stress-free life
  • Bridge the gap between optimal wellness and spiritual growth which will lift any limitations you feel 
Things You Need to Know 
  • After applying, If we feel you are a great fit, we will schedule a consultation to discuss pricing, dates, and preparation.
  • Our retreat team (Wellness Wild Travel) will help you plan your hotel accommodations and travel arrangements. Please note, these costs are not included.
  • Based on limited availability, retreats are often booked for non-weekend dates.
  • Retreat location is in West Hollywood, CA 

This experience will be the biggest action you take to quiet your mind, settle into your body, and connect with your spirit. 

To join us, by applying below.

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Seeking additional health and wellness experiences? Looking to become part of a healthy global community?

One of my strongest passions is forming extraordinary partnerships with leading brands and experts in yoga, holistic health, and integrative medicine so we can bring you unparalleled experiences around the globe. These opportunities will give you the space to connect inward, as well as with a group of high-intentioned individuals, healers, and new friends.

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You are not here to just ‘get by.’ To get by with the body that you have. Get by with mediocre health. Get by with so-so self-confidence. You are here to use your body as a vehicle to love - flourish - thrive.
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Integrate + Elevate

This work can be extremely effective and life-changing, but it is not for everyone. If you are serious about taking your health, happiness and overall well-being to the next level and living up to the beautiful potential inside of yourself just waiting to be unlocked, then I would love to get to know you.