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Need a speaker for an event who has a unique, powerful, ‘never heard before’ twist on health and wellness?

From backpacking through India, helping cure her father’s cancer with alternative medicine, healing her eating disorder holistically, leaving the modeling industry to follow her dreams and launch a thriving wellness company – Sarah Anne has ignited and impacted countless individuals with the stories from her journey.

Sarah has ‘been’ there herself, sitting in the same exact seat as you and your audience. She ‘gets it’ – the world of contradictory nutrition advice, saturation in diet protocols, and the feeling of unanswered questions about what to do when it comes to your health. Her real, humble, and engaging stories have a powerful way of taking you from feeling uninspired, unsettled, and unsure to where you can finally experience a shift in mindset that will create positive permanent change.

With over a decade of study, knowledge and experience under her belt, she further offers an encouraging voice backed by research that will leave you excited about exploring a holistic path towards not just happiness and great health, but to find deeper meaning in all areas of your life.

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Seeking transformative wellness experiences? Looking to become part of a healthy global community? One of my strongest passions is forming extraordinary partnerships with leading brands and experts in yoga, holistic health, and integrative medicine so I can bring you unparalleled experiences from around the globe. These opportunities will give you the space to connect inward, as well as with a group of high-intentioned individuals, healers, and new friends.

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