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My Love Letter To You

Dear beautiful one,

Right now, reading this, you might feel a strong desire to look like your favorite celebrity, the newest ‘it’ supermodel, or the Barbie doll you have kept since childhood.

You might firmly believe that to begin to ‘live your life,’ you need to be skinnier, thinner, more beautiful. But this isn’t true. And deep down, you too know this isn’t true. The truth is that you want to look like you…

At the center of your being, you want to be seen in the world as you – the glowing, radiant, confident, beautiful being that you already are.

Don’t believe me? That’s ok. Years ago, I was sitting, staring at a similar computer screen, searching just as you probably are right now….

You see, throughout your life, over the course of your upbringing, society, social conditioning, and thousands of companies, products, and media outlets have told you that you are not ‘good enough.’ They have sold you ‘unhappiness’ by insisting that your height, weight, dress size and the image you see in the mirror determines your self-worth, status, and what you can accomplish in life. And they were all wrong.

So for just a moment, I am going to ask you to challenge your worthiness, and hear a powerful new narrative. A narrative that might challenge your beliefs, truths, understanding….

A narrative where you say ‘no’ to the extreme nutrition protocols, unhealthy exercise regiments, and ‘newest’ diet trends….and start saying ‘yes’ to discovering who you are and what you want… for your mind-body relationship.

Yes, I am asking you to get very honest with yourself. I am asking you to speak your truth and to discover your capacity for self-love. And to do this, I have created something very special for you.

I created The Holistically Slim Movement not to focus on how much weight you think you need to lose –or gain– or which parts of your body you need to change…but to build a community to support you in slimming down and shedding all areas of your life that no longer serve you.

As your mind focuses on letting go of these emotions, your body will begin to heal itself, and the walls will come down, and your body will shift to a perfect weight. As you heal the internal, you can change the external.

In-short: it is time to get back to the basics. Self-love. More self-love. Joy. Creativity. Spirituality. Mindfulness. The mind-body connection. Delicious whole foods. Beautiful movement. Supportive relationships. And a fulfilling career.

The basic principles that have and always will sustain you in being your happiest, healthiest self. Countless women have slimmed down holistically – slimmed down the baggage that was weighing on their mind, body, and spirit – and shifted their subconscious patterns.

And yes they have lost weight. But without losing their life. And now it is your time to join them. It is time to shed the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down – the inner critic, the self-doubt, the anxiety, the obsessive relationship with food, and the self-sabotaging ways forever. There is a reason why you are here.

I am psyched to support you – and for you to join our CLUB.

XO,Sarah Anne Stewart



I love you, and therefore I want to help you. I want to help you stop feeling lost, confused and anxious.

So, I have created the ‘Empower Pack’ filled with powerful, proven tips and tools that will help you get up, dust yourself off, reconnect to your vision and get going with a clear, peaceful mind. 

If you are ready to see yourself in a new, positive light, loving your body, then the free ‘Empower Pack’ will help you get there… It all starts here!

The Holistically Slim Empower Pack
The ‘Holistically Slim Empower Pack’ includes:
  • A New Morning Approach Guided Meditation to quiet the noise of worry, let go of the need to control and settle into a feeling that will empower you in making easy, stress-free decisions throughout the day for your body and overall well-being
  • The Holistically Slim Emotional Food Worksheet will teach you how to accurately identify your feelings when they arise and gain clarity so there will be little or no room left to worry and you can finally be at peace around food!
  • The Elevate Affirmation Pack will support you in shifting from reacting emotionally to food and your body to the art of mindfully bringing yourself back into positive alignment
  • The Holistically Slim Path to Certainty Guide will get you out of the disorganized, scattered and afraid feeling of “What to do next to what you need next?” to clearly identifying what to do right now that will greatest impact on your overall health and well-being
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