The Best Kept Secret For Permanent Weight Loss

The Best Kept Secret For Permanent Weight Loss

As a holistic health practitioner, I love my job. I love my clients, and I love sharing my knowledge. I get excited talking about nutrition, dieting, and weight loss. I enjoy figuring out what works specifically for each person and what doesn’t. I am happy designing meal plans, educating individuals about what exercise routine they should be doing, advising them on what supplements to be taking, making sure they are drinking lots of water, and moving every day.

Creating a flexible and rewarding routine to lose weight is a lot of fun. And yes, all these things are important “pieces-of-the-puzzle” for losing weight and creating a wellness lifestyle, but most of the time it’s not enough.

A weight loss protocol might work briefly, but to keep the weight off permanently, I’ve discovered changing thought patterns and meditation must come into play before any dietary recommendations.

Meditation is often “thrown out the door” and disregarded because most individuals question how sitting still and not burning calories can help them get one step closer to the body of their dreams.

But, I have discovered that the clients who do drop significant weight, and keep it off, are the ones that find the time throughout the day to sit, with themselves, for a few minutes to quiet their minds and look within.

They are finally ready to work on their thoughts, feelings, self-love, and the way they perceive themselves. They are willing to dig up the emotional triggers and past traumas that have manifested into an unhealthy lifestyle.

Still not convinced? Here are nine specific reasons why you should be meditating to drop those extra pounds (and keep them off):

1. Meditation teaches you that it is ok to “let go” of the need to control – even your weight.

By quieting the mind, you can “detach” from the self-destructive thoughts and the need to monitor the number on the scale. Meditation allows you to finally accept your weight even when the number seems to be “stuck” or going in the opposite direction than what is desired. Also, because it is very difficult to maintain positive thoughts consistently, it becomes much easier to detach and create a space of having no thoughts at all. By detaching from the outcome, you are in a much better place emotionally to produce the results that you desire.

2. Meditation teaches you to be patient with your weight loss and the healing process.

Society and the media present this falsified idea of overnight success stories. You hear ‘celebrity’ stories constantly, and it’s easy to expect the same results of losing weight effortlessly. Instead, being patient with yourself and embracing your healing process (the evolutionary process of creating a better version of our self, inside and out) will create lasting change – not comparing yourself to others.

3. Meditation helps you get clear answers to the questions about what is best for your body, mind, and soul.

What works for one individual will not necessarily work for you when it comes to losing weight. Meditation helps you answer the questions that are being presented to you right now. When you have to make choices about healing yourself, quieting the mind is the best solution for deciding which foods, exercise regimen, and routine are best for our body, mind, and soul. These answers come from within – not from reading a celebrity testimonial.

4. Meditation expands your consciousness and your awareness so that weight loss and healing can take place.

Daily meditation is so important because it allows you always to be expanding your consciousness. As you constantly expand your awareness, you continue to shed layers of our ego, emotional issues, and past traumas. Life becomes easier as your awareness expands. The layers separating you from the truth and self-love are what caused the weight gain in the first place, and through meditation, these layers begin to dissolve.

5. Meditation connects you to source energy and creates the space to feel “alive.”

Meditation brings out the light within your being. When you are connected to source energy, you feel “alive,” and it is in this space that you are best able to manifest your desires. In this space, you can embrace self-love so the weight can begin to come off.  

6. Meditation dissolves all fear of failure.

Most of us spend our entire lives in fear, attached to this idea that if we go on another diet and it doesn’t work, we are a failure. It is challenging to lose weight when you are vibrating in the space of fear. Understanding that the outcome of your weight loss journey doesn’t change your eternal divinity or true essence, is very necessary for making the lasting change take place.

7. Meditation teaches you to stop focusing on your future self and instead to live in this moment.

Whether you are in spinning class or eating a kale salad, being in the present moment is critical to shedding the extra weight. When you live in the present moment, you begin to remove the “when I lose 10 pounds” or “if only I were a size 2” thoughts from your mentality. These negative thoughts create your reality because they are focusing on the fact that your “better self” is in the future instead of here and now. Only by removing these thoughts and focusing on the present can you create a healthier body right now.

8. Meditation teaches you to take responsibility for your health and wellness.

By our pushing against or blaming others (i.e. our work, family, friends) and not taking responsibility for yourself, you only create more negative energy and karma, making the journey to wellness longer and more difficult. As your awareness expands through meditation, you learn that everything in your life – including your weight – is a manifestation of yourself. In this space of understanding, you become more powerful and have the ability to manifest the body of your dreams.

9. Meditation teaches you that you are always in complete balance, centered, and flowing with the universe.

All things are in divine order, including your weight loss journey. Inner security and acceptance are achieved when you believe in this divine flow full-heartedly. Meditation gives you a unique sense of all-knowing – that everything has a purpose and that there is a reason you are facing this weight loss challenge.  Accepting where you are and allowing the unseen to guide you (instead of pushing against you) is essential to accomplishing your goals.

So, this week I challenge you to quiet your mind. Relax and discover that those 10 minutes will be just as beneficial, if not much more, than running on that treadmill.