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Positive Global Impact

As a go-getting, wellness influencer, Sarah Anne loves nothing more than inspiring positive change on a global scale.

Beyond her private practice, Sarah has partnered with several of the largest brands in yoga, health, and wellness, consulted for international nutrition companies, written for dozens of online publications, and teamed up with some of the top doctors in the world.

She has also partnered some of the top holistic brands to offer events, workshops, meditation classes, international wellness experiences, and retreats. Also, Sarah loves working in partnership with holistic centers and corporations to provides weight loss and wellness management.

Most importantly, Sarah is changing the conversation around weight-loss and the traditional definition of wellness – focusing on creating a movement that encourages individuals like you to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Make Your Body Work Podcast

Why the Weight Doesn’t Stay Off [Podcast Episode #074] // Have you ever watched one of those weight-loss transformation shows? Their hard work pays off – they look like completely different people by the end of the show! But then… A year or two later you read about them in a magazine. ​They’ve gained back all the weight, and oftentimes weigh more than they did when they began. It’s so disheartening to see their digression, but this story just keeps happening over and over again. Why does weight re-gain happen so often? Has it happened to you? And, how can you avoid falling into this pattern in the future?

Sarah Anne Stewart


Winter Catalog Feature // What makes Sarah Anne Stewart of Holistically Slim fee alive? Being fully expressed. “I was ready to do anything I could to heal.” She tells us about life after a decade of dating disorders, a subsequent long education studying nutrition and a growing dependency on yoga and wellness trends. When none of that was working to shift her mindset, Sarah Anne got to work on healing herself through meditation, mantra and a lot of self-expression. 

Sarah Anne Stewart

3 Billion Under 30

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sarah Anne Stewart // A Series Capturing the Millennial Generation and it’s most successful and ambitious thought leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, as well as the mentors that guide them.

Sarah Anne Stewart

The Tribe Life

Weight-Los Secret: Meditate Slim // For this week’s episode we tackle the topic of weight-loss, but not in the way you’re probably used to or expecting. If you are someone who has ever struggled with weight-loss, or found yourself going from one diet to the next, you’re going to love this episode. I whole-heartedly believe in the work Sarah is doing (I wouldn’t be sharing it if i didn’t) and I believe her take on weight-loss is a breath of fresh air. Sarah’s approach to weight-loss is a lifestyle and it’s about being happy, not about a quick fix.

Sarah Anne Stewart

SoulFeed Podcast

Sarah Anne Stewart: How To Meditate Slim // Have you ever felt disappointed because you couldn’t lose weight, no matter what you tried? In this podcast you will learn: The “Eat Healthy” myth! Why you aren’t losing weight no matter how hard you try to eat healthy- and what to do instead. How to lose weight and slim down the mental baggage using the power of your mind.

Sarah Anne Stewart

The Matt Belair Podcast

The #1 Secret to Losing Weight That No One is Talking About (Yet) // In this powerful episode, Holistic Health Practitioner Sarah Anne Stewart shares her secrets for losing weight, living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, and so much more. This conversation goes far beyond weight loss and deep into mindset, healthy living, consciousness and more! 

Sarah Anne Stewart

My Seven Chakras Podcast

106: Meditate Slim: Lose Weight Permanently Using The Power of Your Mind // Unlearn, Unlearn, Unlearn and get back to your truth! You have to unlearn these programmed beliefs, you have to unlearn what you’ve been taught in school, you have to unlearn the social conditioning, you have to unlearn what your peers have told you. That’s when you can speak your truth in the most authentic way.

Sarah Anne Stewart

The Anxiety Podcast

Sarah Stewart on Anorexia, Mindfulness & Why Nutrition Alone Isn’t The Solution // In this episode, we discuss Sarah Stewart’ story going from being anorexic and in the modeling industry, to using meditation and mindfulness to overcome it.  In this episode you will learn: Why we should view how we eat as more of an experiment as opposed to moving from diet to diet. Anxiety around eating habits can happen at any time. How simply fixing nutrition isn’t the only answer. How to turn your life around and where meditation came into it.

Sarah Anne Stewart

The Beautiful Money Podcast

Sarah Anne Stewart // As the founder of the Holistically Slim movement, Nutrition Expert Sarah Stewart will guide and mentor us with her wisdom And passion for holistic health and mindfulness. She shares her story and her strategies to living in alignment.


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