The Quickest Way to Free Your Ego

When individuals come to me for advice on meditation, they often have many, many, many questions.

Will it help me lose weight? Make more money? Improve my relationships? Find happiness? Enhance power? Increase pleasure? Help with pain?

Most are curious and seeking anything to support their “ego based” life changes.

“When can we begin? I want to get there fast. Like really fast.”

Most of us are initially drawn to meditation through the testimonials and media reviews that declare meditation will ‘transform and save your life.’

Most of us begin to sit, to quiet our minds, primarily to support a false state of happiness.

We are searching for the money, power, the house, career, the glitzy car, and a beautiful body.

However, the truth is, that opening the space between our thoughts is a very spiritual practice and many masters have stated that meditation frees us from all the dependencies and illusions of the world.  The direct opposite of what most of us desire to gain from meditation.

Regardless of where my clients are on their path or what they want to attract in their lives, I still recommend meditation.

Here is why:

Meditation makes us calmer. It makes us quiet.

It is often described in its simplest form as the direct sister of prayer, intended concentration, or being in the present moment.

Meditation can help develop a level of awareness that goes beyond the ego.

The ego walls begin to crack and your perception of the world shifts.

Even if we start meditation with our “ego” at play, once we’ve embarked on the spiritual path that we are moving towards – transformation can take place every single time we sit.

The act of meditation helps prepare us for our natural growth process throughout our spiritual journey. It allows us to finally commit to discovering the answers to questions like, “Who am I?”

And the only way to break away from the world’s illusions is to look within and have patience.  

Meditation requires extreme discipline, faithful practice, and again: patience, patience, patience.

The real shift happens when one begins to understand that we can only attract the life of our dreams through the gifts of meditation: peace, self-love, and space, where ego doesn’t exist.

And because it’s hard to measure, gauge, analyze, or understand the personal spiritual growth process of dropping the ‘ego’ through meditation, I always encourage my clients to keep a meditation journal.

A meditation journal is so valuable because it will begin to reveal many important insights and milestones as you grow, helping you recognize your detachment from ‘ego’ and progress along the way.

I recommend recording as much as you can remember and being as accurate as possible. Jot down images, scenes, thoughts, memories, colors, and more.

What is the intention for your meditation? What thoughts come up during meditation? How do you feel before and after meditation?

As you look back from time to time, the progress of your altered state of awareness and consciousness will be revealed. The slightest shifts can build confidence, increase intuition, encourage you to trust yourself, and help you perceive your life and new self.

Over time, practicing a discipline and patience will lift the veils of illusion of all things material.

Meditation gives us the opportunity to ask, Who am I? How do I open myself to the cosmic awareness, and achieve harmony with the Universe? How can I gain more understanding and compassion?

With these questions your perception shifts to: I am now ready to see things as they are, to reach a higher consciousness, become liberated, discover the truth of life and death, abandon desire, and ultimately be free.

Your journals will be a testament to this shift. They will chronicle how you have adopted this practice of meditation, answered life questions, and gained a new perception of yourself. You will have the awareness to reach for the life of your dreams, which was the reason you started this journey in the first place.