Your Ultimate Diet For 2017

Your Ultimate Diet For 2017

I am incredibly grateful for this time of year as my inbox is flooded with motivated individuals ready to jump on the health wagon and start the year off right.

However, a majority of these emails repeat a common theme: I am asked a series of questions about the newest diet fads, trends, or pills on the market.

It’s a bit disheartening, knowing that the most of the ‘new’ diet fads, trends, and pills of 2017 aren’t going to be any better than the programs that convinced everyone they would work in 2016.

Think about it… By typing the words “weight loss” into Google, 576 million search results appear! The information on how to lose weight is millions of pages deep.

Yes, companies are still making billions of dollars persuading Americans that just because they have a celebrity endorsement, the newest version of the Paleo Diet, or a plant discovered in the depths of the rainforest, that their diet will get the consumer back into your little black dress.

And we all fall for it! Because when companies pitch the “perfect” diet and then it doesn’t work, most of us (including myself at times in my life) become frustrated – which only results in a never-ending hamster wheel of self-doubt and depression, which leads to the eternal search for the ‘next’ best thing. That’s why 90% of diets fail and obesity continues to rise.

Most individuals burn themselves out again and again because they haven’t worked the most important muscle: their mind.

America is one of the most educated, yet unhealthy nations in the world.

We spend thousands of dollars every year trying to look beautiful, but most of us don’t feel good, especially inside.

So what, ultimately, is the “perfect” diet? The secret lies in self-love. And consistent feelings of gratitude, acceptance, happiness, and joy.

Ancient wisdom teaches “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” and “the body is the temple of the soul,” yet so many of us have become lost because we only focus on the exterior.

Just as a house will fall to the ground without its foundation, your body will become overweight and sick without a mind focused on health and happiness.

If we cut ourselves off from the emotional, spiritual beings that we are, only paying attention to the physical body, then we cut ourselves off from the main cause of weight gain and sickness, which manifests from our thoughts.

Our bodies truly are a mirror reflection of what’s going on in our minds and if our primary focus is only to lose weight (and this is constantly the focus of our thought patterns), then you are projecting to the universe that you “need to lose weight.”

We are sending the vibration, “I don’t love my body as it is,” and our body reflects that feeling.

When we begin to love every single aspect of our being – our body responds by losing weight because we are revealing loving thought patterns.

Let’s take it one step further. Most of us do not honor our bodies, but instead we honor the unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs that we hold.

And when we shift our mindset towards self-love, then we will respond with the quality of life and body that we so desire.

As a holistic health practitioner, clients often come to me and expect that I can give them some magic elixir to help them lose weight.

I only have two options: I can either guide clients to more suffering (i.e. another diet), or I can guide clients to explore their past suffering to deal with their pain in the most compassionate and loving way possible.

I must engage them and help them focus on the opportunity to look inside and discover the space for healing.

We carry pain and false beliefs with us our entire lives, and underneath the weight, there is always a story to be told. Every person has their consciousness, the ability to take responsibility, and a desire to find self-love.

By discovering this healing space, permanent weight loss can take place. Through forgiveness and self-love, we can naturally choose healing foods, an exercise plan, and a lifestyle that will help us feel alive, healthy, vibrant, and wonderful.

We’ll gravitate towards the means to keep our bodies healthy, prevent sickness, and experience a profound mind-body connection.

I have found that clients no longer need to self-sabotage their current health and happiness, but are empowered to change all aspects of their lives when they truly begin to move to a space of self-love.

Discovering self-love begins through expanding our awareness. It is the first step towards good health and your ideal body.

Shifting awareness is about looking within, not looking for others to define “perfect” (i.e. images in fashion magazines).

Through meditation, affirmations, exploring self-awareness programs, or working with a health coach, we can all develop a level of awareness that will attract the body of our dreams.

Small steps will help reprogram our thought patterns. Sitting with ourselves, looking in the mirror, and asking the simplest of questions: “What about my thought patterns, personal journey, struggles, and life, have prevented me from conquering the body of my dreams?”

So yes, there is a “perfect” diet for 2017, and it is my vision for you that you find it through looking within.

XO,Sarah Anne Stewart