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Welcome. I am so happy you are here…

I have no idea how you arrived on this website, however, I am so happy you are here. Perhaps a friend recommended it to you, or maybe you heard about it in a publication.

Regardless… however you got here… you have arrived at what could be the most beneficial wellness information you will ever discover!

Here is why: Thirteen years ago, I received a phone call that brought me to my knees. My father, at the age of 50, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Instead of taking the traditional Western medical route, we decided instead to use ‘alternative medicine’. I studied everything I could get my hands on that involved curing cancer with a raw vegan diet and natural supplements. Seven months after adopting this new lifestyle, the cancer was completely gone. 

After hearing how we helped my father beat cancer, people began reaching out to me asking for advice on overcoming all types of health disorders. However, the truth was, I was not an expert at the time. In fact, I was making my living as a model.

Returning to my modeling career, I realized just how unfulfilled I really was… I was grateful for the opportunity, but helping my father ignited a passion in me to help even more people. I decided to leave the modeling world and went on to further my studies in holistic health and nutrition….however little did I know what a wild roller coaster ride I was jumping on!

Upon opening my ‘doors,’ so to speak, as a holistic health practitioner, there was one thing people would continuously come to me for – to help them lose weight! Perhaps this was due to my former career. or living in the fashion capital of New York City.

 Years of training and certifications, hundreds of hours of health coaching later and after curing my own eating disorders I was able to connect the dots to create my own personalized method for losing weight.

By using this method, a non-restrictive, non-diet approach to weight loss, that focuses on bio-individuality and primary foods, clients were shocked by the results they were accomplishing. 

Most, if not all, of my clients had tried starving themselves, working for hours and hopping on the latest diet fads only to gain all the weight plus more back. They came to me unhappy, hating the lifestyle that they THOUGHT they had to have to maintain a lean healthy body…

However, once people began to discover it was possible to stay lean without having to put themselves through hell… and even being able to (gasp!) live a happy, enjoyable, and indulgent life… they began to tell their friends… who began to tell their friends…

With only word-of-mouth promotion, I soon had people from all across the country reaching out to me for help.

I further began to partner with huge, international wellness brands, consult for nutritional companies such as ALOHA, write for several online publications and partner with some of the top integrative doctors in the world. I then further launched my second company, Bliss Out Wellness with my business partner, Fern Langham, to provide events, workshops, group courses, mentorship programs and international retreats.

Recently, we also launched our corporate division to provide weight management workshops to their employees. However… the most exciting for me was that…

My Private Clients Kept Losing Weight!

Living in New York City I’ve been fortunate to work with everyone from professional athletes who have gotten off-track, to busy CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations, to the famous faces you see on TV who need to lose weight and keep it off for them to land their next big role… and that is how the Holistically Slim Movement was born!

The Holistically Slim Movement focuses primarily on teaching the concept that wellness is a lifestyle – one that is a complete balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

So Now, I’d Like To Invite You To Discover Just How Amazing You Can Look and Feel! 

However, there is a catch. This work can be extremely effective… and life changing. But it is not for everyone, and, with so many people wanting to get their dream bodies while still having a fulfilling life, I certainly cannot help everyone.

First of all, I made the decision a long time ago that I only want to work with those who are serious about long-term, permanent change.

My methods are only for people who are seeking a permanent path to health and wellness… and who are serious about living up to the beautiful potential inside of themselves just waiting to be unlocked. If you are just looking to lose weight quickly for a big event or bikini season, I’m sorry, but we are not a good fit.

Second, my program, while not hard to follow, does require commitment.

Because of this I do not provide single coaching sessions (just initial consultations), for that would be a waste of your time and mine. The minimum package I offer is 8 weeks, and the maximum is 1 year. The reason there is a maximum is because, unlike some teachers who want you to always depend on them, I feel my job is to ‘teach you how to fish’ so you don’t EVER have to go on another diet again! If you still need me to maintain results after 1 year then I have not done my job.

Third, my services are by application and availability only.

The application process is simply because of the reasons above. We need to make sure you are a good fit for these teachings because I do not take on clients of whom I do not feel have an excellent chance of success. On the bright side, my coaching strongly focuses on the mental and emotional factors more than just the physical. Together, we will help you design a custom program and lifestyle that is unique to you.

If I feel you are a good fit, we will have an interview where we can dive deeper into your goals and aspirations and determine if we are a perfect match.

If you are interested, please fill out the application here. I am thrilled to find out more  about you, and deeply appreciate you taking the time to visit here today.

Lots of love,

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